Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Life of its own...

Well, this whole homeschooling blog idea isn't going too well. LOL
At the same time I was starting this, we were making plans to move across the country and that has sort of taken over.
At the very moment that our house went on the market Lumpy got sick and spent 5 nights in the PICU with a very bad case of croup. About 800 breathing treatments later he was released home. I have never been so scared. At one point they actually thought of intubating him, thankfully he got over that hump (I kid you not 20 breathing treatments in 4 hours! His heart rate was over 200! egads!) and slowly got better. At this point you would never know that about two weeks ago he was that sick.

At the same time the house sold! I swear it was on the market 5 days! Now we are dealing with all the inspections and bantering back and forth. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, that the couple still wants the house and we can keep this ball a-rolling... because I am already gone. LOL I have moved on from this lovely house and now my spirit is awaiting me in Maine.
Keep your fingers crossed and the good moving energy coming my way. I will pick up this blog when we get to Portland and are all settled... which could be in ONE MONTH!! So much yet to do, so much yet to come. Ahhhh, adventure awaits!