Monday, March 29, 2010


My sweet, sweet Logan is 12 today. I can hardly believe it. He is such a gentle and loving soul. Before he was born I had lost a baby, and I was so heart broken. I truly believe he is my spirit baby, flying around with the angles awaiting to come back and have a second go at it. He is wise, generous and so incredibly patient. I am so looking forward to the man he will become, yet I am cherishing every moment I get with him as my boy. Happy Birthday my precious Logan.

The passing of days

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Ostara celebration

It started with the coloring of the eggs, which I have to say is so much fun. The little ones had a lot of fun using paint brushes this year, it made for a much more pleasant experience, as they don't just have to sit there waiting for the egg dye to work. Plus, as you can see, the colors are just so fun. The next morning they got up early, ate chocolate and then we went for the egg hunt. It really is amazing here on our little 1/2 acre, so many places for the eggs to be hid, so much running about.
Right now you can see the buds on the trees, the bulbs are just waking up and you can just feel it, spring is here. So amazing to be celebrating this season, this time of rebirth, when you can really feel it. Nights are still cold, but we have had a few days where you don't even need a sweater, and I can hang the clothes on the lines. I just love spring.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Those beloved books for mama...

These are some of my most favorite books, most on mothering and parenting, but all on living. Being with in this moment, connecting with your family and your life. Finding the beauty in the simplicity of it all, and following your heart.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yoga with Rowan

Rowan loves the "Yoga Garden Game". We play it almost every day. Such a simple, fun game. Great for small children because there is no winners or losers, just many people playing together to plant the garden before night fall, and do some yoga while it all happens.

Ostara is coming...

There is some great information on the coming sabbat. This is one of my favorites, especially since we have moved to Maine... the rebirth of the earth. The earth re-greening, the air warming, the fresh foods coming. I have boiled two dozen eggs, bought lots of little chocolately goodnesses, and am planning our eggy, springy meal. A couple of great books for information on Ostara are:
( ) "Ostara: Customs, spells, and rituals for the rites of spring"
"Circle Round: Raising children in the Goddess traditions"
and my favorite site for sabbat fun: Pooka Pages! The new kids magazine is up and ready for Ostara! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Basket in spring

It's finally looking like spring here in Maine. The sun is out, the temperature is in the mid 40's, and the snow is all but gone. We pulled the bikes out of the cellar, and dusted off the helmets. I also put away our winter book selection and pulled out some lovely spring time books, colorful, happy and just full of flowers! This is just a sampling of what is in the book basket right now! Happy reading and Happy Spring!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It snowed this past weekend. Yes, you read that right! Just a few inches, made everything all lovely and white again. It has since warmed up and all our snow is gone again, but it sure was lovely. We stayed inside, as everyone was getting sick, and watched a movie, played trains and I baked cookies, while Mike did clean up duty!

Getting crafty

This past weekend, I decided that it would be fun to open up Amanda Soule's book ( ) "The Creative Family" and try a new craft with the little boys. Feeling brave I thought maybe we would try embroidery. Yes, I know pretty daring since I don't even know how to do it, but gosh darn if she doesn't make it sound so easy. I alreafy had the floss (for making gnome hats and coats) so I went to the craft store, got a few 6 inch hoops and some burlap (like she suggests) and a couple packs of yarn needles (big, blunt and easy for little hands) and I just let them at it. Caelan really loved it and has been working on his piece now for 3 days. It looks like a rainbow exploded on the burlap. As always he is creating this master piece for Grandma and Papa (so keep an eye out for the mailman). I too had to get in on the action! I finally finished the green hat for Audrey (made from wool that was raise just outside Brunswick and plant dyed by the woman who raises them, cards their wool, and spins it!), and started on another hat. I just love knitting hats!