Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our wand wander

Sagan has become more and more interested in my paganism over the last year or so. Yesterday he wanted to know all about herbs, wands and how to heal using plants. We got out many of my books, looked up much stuff, talked about plants, and healing. Then we decided to go to Baxter woods and get him an oak wand. Cae and Lumpy went along for the adventure. It was a nice wander thru the woods, we had to stay off the path, as it was covered in ice, but that lent it self to a wonderful walk in the trees and the finding of many treasures. We topped the wonderful adventure off with hot cocoa and donuts at a coffee shop. All in all a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What we have been up to

We have been very busy, what with Yule happening and getting settled in to the new house and routine. But it has been a good sort of crazy here. We have weather a few amazing storms here in Portland... an ice storm where we lost power for over 12 hours, and a really big snow storm on Yule (18 inches of snow in one day, a record). The boys have been braving the outside every day. Sagan is our snow lover and will stay outside as long as we let him. He will be out there helping Mike shovel the snow with a big smile on his face. Lumpy on the other hand has no fondness for the snow, but does like the occational spin around the yard on the sled.
There has been much baking and story reading and soup making here, a few fires in the fireplace and gallons of hot cocoa.
Audrey has decided to be homeschooled again (yeah!) and wanted to do some on-line studies, so she is doing K12 science, Saxon math, Latin, reading classic lit, and as always working on movies and stories and music.
Logan is also doing K12 science and saxon math, along with latin and reading, he is very much into his guitar and writing music and lyrics, he is also learning classical pieces on the piano and his guitar... he picks itup so easily it is scary.
Sagan is reading now. He is so happy. Just s few beginner books, but still it is such a joy to sneak a peak at him reading to himself. He is also one for the math worksheets, so the gnumber gnomes are left for Cae to do. Sagan is so interested in so many things. He is a wonder to behold.
Cae is loving doing just about everything and anything. He loves playing games and listening to stories and painting with water colors. We added some lovely wooden toys to his collection and he can get a pretty interesting game going on with those. I made a large bunch of gnomes which he really enjoys.
Lumpy, well he likes to get into everything and take everything apart then run away laughing gleefully.
It is very good here right now, very wonderful.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We are here...

We made it to Maine! Yippee. Now I should be able to get back to what this blog was intended to be... about homeschooling. LOL stay tuned...