Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the book basket

This is the basket that sits by the bed at night, follows us into the living room and changes with the seasons. These are just a few of the books in there right now.

Fall in Phoenix

It is one of those strange non-seasons here. The temperatures have dropped, most days are now in the 80's (yes it is Nov.) but we are still getting the occasional day in the 90's. It has been warmer here in the fall then most all summer back in Maine. But still, there is something about this time of year... maybe it is the stores declaring it is now fall, or the fact that the calendar says it is so, or maybe it is the fact that we have a graveyard on the side of the house and zombies roaming about. No matter, we had a lovely Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. Mike's brother and his two youngest came to go trick or treating, we had a friend of Audrey's come for a visit and dinner on Halloween and Mike's mom also came over to eat and hang out on the 31st. The boys made Day of the Dead skull decorations for today and we invited our family members who have passed on to come to dinner today. It was nice to have their pictures on the table.
The garden is growing like gang-busters and most days the AC doesn't even need to come on and I can open up the windows and let the breeze blow in. And of course there is alot of baking going on. As soon as the calendar says it is October I pull out all the stops and bake bread, muffins, cupcakes, stew, soup, cookies, etc.
I hope fall is filling you up too.