Thursday, May 31, 2012

Science Center

nano technology

balancing nature and technology

the new awesome water area

more water

building with really cool blocks

building a dam

the rift zone

watching rock erosion

cae at the electricity show

rowan behind the screen

sagan at the warp your face
We met some friends at the Arizona Science Center. I just love this place. So many great things for the kids to do, so hands on. The great thing is, is after 4 hours there we still haven't seen everything, so we always want to go back. I was able to get Logan to come along with us, which was really great.
I really like the new(ish) water exhibit they have now. It will be way fun when the summer heats up.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dino art

getting started

check out the pterodactyl

fiona thinks body art is better


drawing the terrain

all done

hanging up
Tuesday evening was going along swimmingly, and then we hit a road bump. Cae and Rowan were getting that look in their eyes, that look like they were a bit bored and would love to start bugging each other. I headed them off at the pass. A few weeks ago a friend had left some pre-cut out sets of things (like fall shapes, trains, dinos, 4th of July thingies), I remember we had these in the art area, I hurried and got them along with the markers and let them at it. While coloring them in, Cae suggested they make a landscape for the dinosaurs to roam on. WOOHOO! more art! I pulled out a table size piece of paper and they went to town. After they were all done we taped the creatures on it and hung it in the living room. They spent over an hour coloring, laughing, planning and hanging out together... not a single fight was had!
Fiona joined in for a bit, but she preferred body art to paper art. After coloring on her face for 20 minutes she was done and wanted a bath.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Friends and Facials


chatting on the porch

fancy hats

sunlight thru the tree


up in the tree

on the swing

more swinging

getting ready

pile up!

lego building

nap time
Sunday was such a lovely day. A friend through a "facial party". A friend of hers is an esthetician who makes her own organic products. It was AMAZING! While we each took turns getting pampered the others of us hung out and talked while the kids ran a muck. I so needed this. It felt good to do a little something for myself. I was even able to get Fiona down for a nap, so she slept through most of it, which nice. I must say the rosemary/mint toner was HEAVEN!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduation weekend

Logan all ready for 8th grade graduation

there is his name... do you see it?

getting his lolli

group hug

audrey all ready for high school graduation (take by sierra)

queen super jelly (taken by sierra)

hugging friend (taken by sierra)

all done (taken by sierra)

all the graduates and families (taken by sierra)

great picture (taken by sierra)

the family (taken by sierra)

there it is! (taken by sierra)

gifts at the party

logan's phone

audrey's ukelele

pool time

fiona at pools edge

trying to prepare to get in

cannon ball!!!

all the peeps in the pool

papa and fiona rose

the teenagers

fiona having memes

teenagers getting warm and dry



What a wild weekend we have had so far. It started Thursday with Logan's 8th grade promotion. He did such an amazing job this year. His first year in school and he just rocked it. I truly believe that all those years being homeschooled really helped him know exactly what he wanted and have the gumption to meet it head on and plow through the challenging stuff and just do amazing! We are so proud of him.
Audrey's high school graduation was on Friday. The graduation ceremony was amazing! There are so many talented kids go there. Audrey's valedictorian speech was wonderful and inspiring. She has just done an amazing job in her high school career. Pushing herself to excel. I just know she is going to have an amazing adventure in college come the fall. I have to admit I have been a bit weepy. I am so happy for her, but so sad for me. This is it, this is where she goes off on her life adventure and does her own thing. I can't wait to see what becomes of all of this.
I must admit I am not a fan of the school system. BUT, that being said I love how NSAA allows the kids to really grow their talents, and be who they are. The graduation ceremonies for both Logan and Audrey had kids dressing the way they wanted, hooting and calling out, clapping and decorating their hats and hugging on stage. It was amazing. I am very grateful that we found this wonderful school.
Saturday we headed to Grandma Flo and Papa Jim's house. There were gifts given, a pool enjoyed (the first swim of the season), lots of yummy food chowed down on, and music was played. It was a wonderful day.
A wonderful weekend.