Sunday, June 28, 2009

To the beach

With a break in the rain, we took a trip to Old Orchard Beach (Friday) to visit some friends and see the ocean (it has been a few weeks you see, we were having withdrawl). The boys were brave and got in! Logan even did some boogy boarding later in the day. Our beach adventure ended all too soon, as a thunder storm rolled in and it started raining. But still... I do love the moody look of this ocean, the over cast skys and big crashing waves.
We took Nana with us, who had not seen the ocean in years and years. Even with the wind, rain and cool tempatures, she said she still had a great time. What a trooper. Hopefully some day soon it will warm up and we can spend a day basking in the sun, playing in the waves and building sand castles.
PS the lovely pix above were taken by Amy Bradstreet! Thanks!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to our favorite daddy!


Garden (part 3)

While in the "meditation" garden we saw a snake! The little boys loved that. He stayed around for a bit, so everyone got a good look at him. Then we walked to the "Fairy" garden where the kids built fairy houses. Nana and I sat on a bench and got eaten by mosquitoes. After that we headed back to the main gate and then had a quick sit down before we had to stop in gift shop and buy some post cards.

Garden (part 2)

The walk we took was about a mile loop. Lots of ups and downs, walked across a bridge and up some "natural" steps. Saw many beautiful flowers, and amazing wooded areas. We even got to listen to "The Maine Squeeze" at the rose gazebo.

Coastal Maine Garden (part 1)

We went to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens on Saturday with Nana Ruth. It is an amazing place; acres and acres of gardens, trails and interesting art. They just opened a new garden area called the "Learner Garden of the Five senses" it was worth the price of admission alone. Great water features, and the scents! Just about knocks you out! Thankfully everything is marked, I made a big list of all the wonderful plants and trees I hope to have here at home in the next few years.

What we have been up to... (part 2)

We have been peaking through keyholes, watching the rain, going to a concert, loving on each other, and walking around down town (see the book poster in the bookstore window?!)

What we have been up to... (part 1)

We have been real busy lately, what with the move and unpacking, settling in and then having no phone service and internet for almost a month. But that has not stopped us from having fun!
What have the kids been up to? Reading (of course), building with Legos, hanging GI Joes' from the lights, laughing, drawing...