Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekending and gratitude

This weekend started when Mike took all the boys on their very first "mancation" Friday morning. It was just the wee girlies and me for 3 whole days. I realized how busy the boys keep little Miss Fiona Rosy. That little girl is just super busy all the time. We spent Friday at the park with friends, then over to the health food store to pick up raw milk, then after a dinner of raspberry pancakes we walked over to Whole Foods to get diapers and found a new super cute hat for Nuala.
Saturday we hit the farmer's market and visited with Papa for a bit and then spent the evening with Audrey and D at a splash pad at an outdoor mall, had ice cream and listened to live music.
Sunday we played with blocks, read books, I knitted a bit while Fiona watched "Dora". Nuala fussed a lot this weekend, and then when daddy and the boys got home she ROLLED OVER! Maybe she was just prepping for the big move.


~ Mike taking the boys out all on his own for a long weekend of manliness
~ Good friends
~ The splash pad at the mall
~ MoJo frozen yogurt
~ Live music
~ HILARIOUS children's books
~ Local foods
~ Logan for taking Fiona to the "little park" almost every day
~ Finding the best yarn to knit a hat for my Aunt
~ Getting out of my head
~ Peaches