Friday, March 30, 2012

Birthday party

the cake

the song

papa jim drumming

and more drumming
I hope Logan had a great time partying with his family. We ate of the cow, had an awesomely huge cake, many gifts of cash and prizes, and Papa Jim even played the drums for us.
There was lots of music and laughter, one of those great things about having a big family... it is just never quiet and it is always busy!

My Logan

My Logan

Oh this day. Oh this boy. My Logan Harrison Hawkes. I have a hard time believing this wonderful human came from me. And yet he did. I feel so blessed to have this amazing person in my life, I feel blessed and honored to be his mother. It seems like crazy talk that he is now 14. 14 years, really? Already? It is going to fast, I want to stop the days, or slow them down, or turn back the clocks or something, something to halt the pace so I can savor more of him. It won't be too long from now when he will be up and out of the nest, out in the wide world. But, I won't dwell on that future date, I will just sit here in these moments with him, they are so few now, and love him so hard and so deep that he will remember it in his very soul. He will know a mother's fierce love.
Happy birthday my young man.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn along

yarn and book
At the moment I am filling my knitting time with dish rags! They are so nice to knit, so mindless and easy, easy to pick up and do a row or two and easy to put down to do the many other things that just need to get done here. So far I have made 5 of them. I think I have enough yarn for two more. I am using Sugar and Cream yarn, the colorway in the picture is "Over the Rainbow", I have done 3 blue ones, but I have no idea what the colorway was called. LOL
I have been fussing around with a path for myself FOREVER! I think possibly I have settled on maybe becoming an IBCLC, but you know as I read the book "Breastfeeding Cafe" I think, maybe that isn't enough, maybe I can also be a postpartum doula and a CBE, maybe I don't want to be an IBCLC maybe a LLL leader and a lactation counselor would be better? I have no idea. I started a new blog to sort of document my journey and so I could have a place to talk about this passion of mine and maybe, just maybe put out some good solid information. I think I get a bit to passionate about it all though. I don't know if that is helpful or if it hinders the message.
The book is great and inspiring and from now on it is my babyshower gift of choice (along with some hand knits as well).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday Monday

basketball with dad

he shoots

he scores!


football like game

look at them. :) those are my kids! <3
After Dad got home from work he took the kids to the front yard and they all played some strange games of ball. You know, I just love that he does this; that Mike takes the time to connect with the kids and that they (the kids) all love being together (ok most of the time they do). And I love that I get to witness it all; that I don't have to run off to a night shift at a hospital like I use to. We have made a lot of mistakes, Mike and I, but I don't feel like what we are doing now is one of them. Yes, things would be easier if I was working, but only in the pocket book, and you know life is way more then just how much money you have in the bank. So I will take having an old minivan, and having to get the kids clothing at the thrift store (or from friends), and having to squeeze each penny some months to get by... I will do all of that so we have this. We have this time together.


moon pie


what could be up there?

eating the goods

look at all the cool stuff


look who is the seat...

the girlies

look at that face

What a wonderful weekend we had. Sunday was especially nice. We all went down to Mill Ave. for a walk about. We visited a candy store, Mike bought a record, Sagan picked up a old Hardy Boys book at the used book shop, and we hung out a grassy spot. Lots of good people watching to do. And when we got home... a lovely dinner of mostly local goodness. A grilled steak (from Double Check Ranch), sweet potatoes and braising greens (from Chow Locally) and broccoli (from Trader Joe's lol).  There was lots of laughing, talking, and just good old family togetherness. I love my life. :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Music it is our art

Mike and the boys jamming in the living room.


 I have to admit I have very little if any musical talent in me, but I do so love that all of my children seem to have inherited their daddies musical abilities and love of playing. Buying drums, having a piano, multiple guitars, and two bass guitars is probably the best investment we have ever made.

more jammin'
You know what is so amazing to me... Rowan can wail on those drums! Even little Fiona Rose has got the rhythm inside her! WOOHOO!

Come on over to Ordinary Life Magic's Saturday's Artist and have a look at what others are doing!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What we have been up to: Out in the world

spicy pickles at the farmer's market

beets, how i love how you look and hate how you taste

spin that wool
 We hit the downtown Phoenix farmer's market. So much fun there, so many cool venders, good food and sun shinny goodness.

use a stick, chalk and a piece of string


well, what to do here miss fiona rose

pizza pi

learning about pi

making pi bracelets

more pi braclets
 Pi day (3/14) was waaay fun. And II finally go it. I finally learned how to use pi! All those years in school and it never stuck, but getting out on the basketball court with chalk, string and sticks and a gaggle of kids... and LIGHTBULB! I can be taught! We also had some lemon pie to eat, and pizza pie with the pi symbol made in pepperoni! What an awesome group of friends we have!
birthday cupcakes

birthday lollypops

birthday snacks

wading in the fountain

lots of water fun

yes, it is a flash back to hippy goodness. 

fiona yelling at everyone
We got together with our peeps and celebrated all the March birthdays at the Scottsdale civic center park. I swear, another of my favorite places on earth. Maybe it isn't so much the place as the people we are spending time with. Again and again I am reminded of how lucky we are to have such an amazing group of friends to share our life with. I love you all so very much. <3

What we have been up to: At home

wearing underwear as a scarf

being cute

our NEW to us typewriter!

playing in the cupboard

making food stuffs

playing in the sand and water nakked

doing some sort of writing thing... i don't even remember this

playing with daddy

still playing with daddy

eating popsicles

homemade finger paints

more finger paints

and more paints
We have been busy in a fun and crazy sort of way. It has been sorta nice to be somewhat "unplugged" although I have to admit I did sneak peaks on facebook (I am so weak!)
I also started another blog that will focus on my journey to become a LLL leader and an IBCLC. Plus it is gonna have monthly giveaways.... i know, right? WOW!