Friday, September 19, 2008

This week...

This week didn't go exactly as planned. Life sort of stepped in and things got put on hold... next week will be better, we will be back to counting with gnomes and reading about another letter. :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

What the kids did this weekend

Here is what the kids and Mike did while I was at work this weekend. How cool is this??

Friday, September 12, 2008


With the 19 pounds of apples we picked we made a lovely apple pie and 6 quarts of apple sauce... and still have a dozen apples left over. The boys did a great job cutting up the 16 apples it took to make up the apple sauce. The whole time they were pretending to be chefs in an apple sauce restaurant.
We will definitely be going back to Howard's Orchard before apple season is done. Too much fun for only one visit!

Thursday Sept 11th

Today we reviewed the Roman Numerals with the Gnomes and Gnumbers and re-read the Mrs. Applebee story. Then the boys practiced writing the letter "A" and made apple prints with cut apples and paint.
The Gnomes are a HUGE success. The boys love playing with them and counting all the gems.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday Sept 10th...

We had a great time picking apples at "Howard's Orchard" in Catalina today. After a loooong drive and getting lost, we finally found it; and what a treat it was. It was cool in the shade of the trees and so many trees were small enough so that Lumpy could pick them himself (although he did prefer to pick them up off the ground. LOL) All together we gathered 19 pounds of apples! We will be making some apple sauce tomorrow for sure!

Monday Sept 8th

We did our Gnomes and Gnumbers today. The little boys had a lot of fun learning their Roman Numeral:

We also worked on the letter "A". We read the story (with a few personalizations by me) that I found on Seridipity's blog (I found the Gnumber Gnomes there also... most fabulous). We read the "A" poem in LMNOP and we also looked in the Waldorf Alphabet Book at all the "A" things. In the boys main lesson books the drew the letter "A" and then some things that started with "A".
Later in the week we will be picking APPLES!