Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Telling Room part 3

Here is the video of Audrey performing the song! and a link to her music Myspace:

Also copies of the book "Tearing Down the Playground: Neighborhood Stories, Poems and Photographs" will soon be availible through Longfellow Books.

The Telling Room part 2

There was such a crowd there tonight. Well over 100 people, the places was packed! It was so exciting, the enegry was wonderful. They had free food and beverages, different areas with so you could really focus on what the kids had done. One area had a loop of video running that some of the kids had done for a film class, an area with the iPod for listening to music, an area where they were printing the t-shirts, also an area with a map of portland painted on it and pieces of fabric for people to write about their neighborhood and pin it to the map.
Here is a link to Logan's music Myspace to hear his song:

The Telling Room part 1

This evening we went to watch Audrey perform an original song she wrote while taking a song writing class through "The Telling Room" ( ). It was a show case of the work The Telling Room had done with students here in Portland. They also released a book with short stories, photographs, poems, and essays. It was an amazing thing to witness all the work these kids had done. Not only did Audrey sing, but one of her photographs (she took it during a photography/story writing class) was on the cover of the book. She also had a short story in the book. Logan had 4 photgraphs in the book, and on an iPod they had a song he wrote and recorded while taking the song writing class.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baxter Woods part 2

We also saw our first chipmunk, we have seen many squirrels, but no chipmunks. We also saw tadpoles as big as Rowan's fist hiding amongst the lilypads. We made many grabs at the frogs, but in the end they were too fast for us, and the always got away. In one of the meadows the boys played a crazy version of baseball, which included rocks and sticks and running in a long line as a row of trees were the bases, that made getting from third to home a very long stretch.

A spring time trip to Baxter Woods

Dad had the van all day in Lewiston, so the kids and I went up to Baxter Woods, a 29.5 acre wooded area donated by the Baxter family and dedicated to Mayor Baxter. It is a lovely area full of trees, wild strawberry plants, and it even has a pond with frogs! The kids climbed on logs, tried to catch frogs, rolled in the grass and logged logs around. On our way home we swung into Jet Video and got ice cream cones. It was lovely!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just loving spring time!

We are so loving spring time here in Maine. The kids are outside every day for HOURS and HOURS! They go out after breakfast, come in for meals and snack, and have to be hauled back in at sunset. Kids from the neighborhood come over and play in the yard, and we can watch families play ball in the street. The flowers and the trees! Everything that looked dead is bursting with life. We have a rainbow of color in our yard and every place you drive there are tulips and trees that beautiful spring green or covered in yellow blossoms that cover the ground with earths confetti when a good wind picks up. And bike riding is a must! Sagan is even learning how to "pop a wheelie". Oh the wonder of spring time!

The Urban Garden Fair part 2

A few more pictures of our lovely afternoon!

The Urban Garden Fair

Saturday the 9th, the kids and I went to the Urban Garden Fair (which is part of the Food + Farm 4 day festival here in Portland). The fair took place at the Boyd Street garden which is part of Cultivating Community ( ). They offered soil ammending talks, painting for the kids, homemade ice cream, "home fries" made by Local Sprouts (a community supported kitchen. ), and they let everyone get into the garden and plant! The kids raked the area and planted onions in a "honey comb" pattern in which cabbages will be planted in the center. We found loads fat worms, which new to us, we never had worms in our gardens in Tucson. And the level of filth... well let's say that the little boys were covered in dirt, grass, and paint! But boy was it fun. It was so nice to be outside, with a group that not only gardens but invites kids in to join. Everyone was friendly and put the kids to work, no matter the age. Some kids were hauling water (like Logan), others were raking, some pulling weeds, some planting corn and others onions, they were feeding the fruits trees and trimming the raspberry bushes. They even have an area that later this season will be turned into community plots! It was really nice to see how well the kids worked together in the garden... I can hardly wait to get planting at the new house!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Steeplebush Herb Farm part 2

OK these are all of the shop. It was so amazing in there, it smelled like heaven and there was lovely calming music playing. Besides all the herbs and herbal products were candles that she makes her self from beeswax from a local bee farmer that is near her.
I can only imagine the joy of living on that farm, growning wonderful things, raising animals and spending your days making teas, salves, and herb rubs (the Herbes de Provence is to die for; I have used it in quiches, on chicken, in soup, and in bread). She is doing a wedding in the fall and is supplying al the dry flowers, she needs so many that she is expanding her flower beds. Can you imagine?

Steeplebush Herb Farm Tour part 1

Today (Monday) we went with some other homeschooling families to Steeplebush Herb Farm. It is my idea of a dream farm. They raise sheep (which is why we went this early... they have lambs) and have a wonderful herb and flower garden. The shop that is on the farm grounds so amazingly wonderful, I was looking forward to that, just being inside is magical.
The kids loved feeding the lambs and petting and feeding the llama. They also got to feel raw wool, just sheered that weekend and still all full of lanolin. They ran wild around the farm hiding in the barn, running thru the green house and all over and around the fields and by the house. I would say it was a hit. I am really looking forward to going their next month to see the garden in all its glory.

Beltane at the beach

Sunday we celebrated Beltane (also known as May Day) at Popham beach with the local Pagan group. It was great fun. They had a potluck, and raised three Maypoles. Just before the poles where put up, they did a nice ritual calling in the directions, sharing bread/food and asking gods and goddesses to come on by and join us. Sagan and Caelan really got into dancing the Maypole, Cae stayed till the very end and charmed everyone while he sort of went his own way around the pole.
After the Maypoles were wrapped, there was an inpromptu drumming and dancing session. Then because the wind picked up the party wrapped up a bit early. It was such a nice group and a wonderful way to spend Sunday.