Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting ready

We are preparing to get started with this new homeschooling adventure. This summer has been busy to say the least and the next few weeks will be no different. Sister is starting high school next Tuesday, and the following week the boys and I will begin our adventure here at home. I have been reading and reading about Waldorf at home for years! And yet have not taken the plunge. But I am all ready to do it this fall.
I think one of our first adventures will be apple picking and making homemade apple sauce. Logan is very excited as he is our apple sauce eater. LOL
I will be posting some links ASAP to the sites that I love that deal in Waldorf inspired home education. :)


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Greenlee's Forest said...

LOL!!! I will start writing again soon! My life is so......uninteresting to me sometimes!

Congrats on your new blog! :) I will visit often!