Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday with the homeschoolers

Yes, Tuesday is homeschool "park day" for us even here in Maine. But instead of the park, we were at the beach, Kettle Cove (my favorite beach) to be exact. It was great to see so many homeschooling families out all together. We about took over Kettle Cove. The mass of children running, playing, climbing, digging, just being kids on the beach, on the grass and on the rocks was so heart warming.
There is a great little trail to hike also, which Cae, Lumpy and I went on. We will have to do that again soon, and bring the camera, as it is just so lovely back there.
And what a day, warmish, windy and high tide when we got to the beach. Kettle Cove really changes when the tide is in, lots of kelp and crashing waves... but fun. Logan even braved the ocean, but paid dearly with being very cold most of the rest of the afternoon. I need to remember changes of clothing when we go to the beach. And a beach umbrella... wise investment I think. A nice big one with rainbow colors, and a few towels, and a gallon or more water container to have in the van for water bottle refills. Yes, the list keeps growing.

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