Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Harry Potter Party on Valentine's day...

Instead of passing around paper Valentine's, we decided to have a rip roaring Harry Potter party. We had the "Three Broomsticks" and "Honeydukes" (with licorice wands, caundron cakes, and Berty Bott's Everyflavor beans") We made quills to write with, and everyone ran about casting spells with their wands. Everyone dress up too, even dad! After much searching for a bit, I found a recipe for Butterbeer which was pretty tasty:
1-2 TBSP butterscotch ice cream topping warmed up
1 tsp butter melted
1 cup cream soda or club soda
mix well and enjoy.
We used the cream soda, but i think the club soda would have been better, it was a bit too sweet.

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