Sunday, May 2, 2010

Strawbery Banke, Flatbread Pizza, Venus Flytraps and pretty dresses

What a day we had on Saturday. We took a trip to NH to visit Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth. Strawbery Banke is lovely. They have period dressed actors who "live" in the houses and talk to you about what it was like in the time period of the house they live in. The Victorian house so amazing and I am sure the gardens will just be breath taking come summer. Personally, I think, the best part of the Victorian house was the children's fairy garden that ran along the side of the house. Many of the houses were not "finished" and they left the floors and walls open so you could see how they were made. The wallpaper in some of the houses was so great. Now I am not a big wallpaper fan, and the wall paper in our house makes me crazy... but this stuff? LOVE IT! Cae and Sagan helped a woman make pasta, she was an immigrant durning the early 1900's. Her husband came to the states and lived and worked for 4 years to bring her and their daughter to the states. I talked with a woman about medicinal herbs and how they made cough drops and cold medicine back in the 1800's. We even visited the tavern George Washington visited while in NH, back in the last 1700's! They had a great house that was full of period costumes, and toys for the kids to play with. One area was half 1940's grocery shop and the other half was 1700's grocery shop. They also had out door games that children use to play like Hoops and Graces, and the game you play with a stick and a hoop (you roll the hoop on the ground and sort of push it with the stick.)
After visiting Strawbery Banke we went to Flatbread Pizza Company in down town Portsmouth. Fresh, some local, organic, wood fired pizza. It was like heaven on a plate! The place is completely family friendly, we ate on sofas around a huge "coffee" table, they had music playing, you could watch them flip the dough and watch your pizza bake in the wood fire, they even gave the kids pizza dough to play with.
On our walk back to the van we stopped in a used dress shop because a lovely dress just Audrey's size was hanging in the window. We had to snap that up. And then just as we were leaving town we picked up a new pet... a Venus Flytrap! We still haven't named him yet... maybe con carne!

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