Sunday, May 5, 2013

* Gratitude Sunday *

Joining Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for a Sunday ritual. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.

~ Having the family all together yesterday to celebrate Rowan's 6th birthday
~ Feeling better both physically and mentally
~ Cool morning out in the backyard with the chickens and the wild birds
~ How well the garden is doing this year (fingers crossed, I don't want to jinx it)
~ Goodwill half price sale! Scored some cool clothing and a working CD player
~ A pantry, freezer, fridge full of food for the next two week
~ Being married to such an honest, good heart, loving man
~ My friends... I can't seem to say that enough
~ My oldest daughter, who is so full of hope, promise and excitement for life
~ Wool and silk yarn, delicious!
~ Flowers, lots and lots of flowers
~ How happy Rowan is with balloons
~ Having the bills all paid
~ A clean bathroom
~ Clothing on the line


Little Mossy Mushroom said...

Hello! What a lovely list, I enjoyed reading it :) This week I got all the bills paid too, for the first time in months - what a great feeling. And happy birthday to your little one :)

Have a lovely week.

Hannah xx

Erin said...

Amazing things to be thankful for, indeed! Blessings, friend!

Erika said...

What a beautiful list!

I just posted to Taryn's list that it is so neat to watch how the seasons change across the country through people's lists. Neat stuff!

Project Tara said...

A clean bathroom! That always brings a smile to my face too. Love your list of gratitudes. Thanks for stopping by my blog... it's nice to meet you!

Kellie said...

Fantastic list! Thank you so much for the kind words on my own list. :)

sustainablemum said...

You sound like you are in a better space now, so good to hear :)