Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crafting, knitting, and reading... oh my

I finished up my wrap, personally, I love it! it is cozy and big and delicious! So looking forward to a cool night to actually use it. I think the kids and I will be fighting over it.

Started on the first of many Holiday knits. I lovely pair of socks. And although I haven't yet lost my love of sock knitting, knitting big people socks is just not as instant gratification as baby socks.  I have written out my Holiday knit list and it seems pretty reasonable. I have one BIG project, but all the others are smallish. And for some I even already have yarn here to use!
I got the newest copy of Taproot and I was so excited to see another free pattern in there, for a hooded sweater no less for kids! I was wanting to make a sweater for Fiona for Christmas and now I have a great pattern. I am re-reading "Primal Mothering in a Modern World" I have read it every time I have been pregnant since I was pregnant with Caelan. It always gets me thinking... although not for the faint of heart, the author has some pretty far out  there ideas, still some of it speaks to me on a very deep level.

Mike and I are still plugging a long with Simplicity Parenting and both of us are enjoying it. We read a bit and then talk a bit. I like it.

And I have finished up our yearly and weekly rhythm for this coming year. I think the hardest part is actually DOING IT! Yesterday was a computer free day (I have three a week) and I think the kids talked about games all day long! More then what they would have actually played. We got some sit down work done and lots of reading was done, drawing, and playing. I think that has been my biggest beef with the computer, it seems to take us away from so many things that we enjoy, because it is so easy to get sucked in. We shall see how this all pans out, I really enjoyed yesterday, I felt like so much stuff got done!


karen said...

I get so much work done when I'm not on the Internet as well. On vacation I was unplugged and it was wonderful! I'm jealous you have your knitting list completed, I need to do that!!

Tracey said...

Yes, if I had that wrap my children would try and take it. Yours is so pretty Heather and seeing yours makes me want to knit one too.
I like the idea of computer free days and think that is something I should do here, thanks for the idea.
I wanted to wish you the most happy birthday Friday. I wish we were closer so we could share a meal and a piece of cake. Just know there is someone is SC thinking of you.

EMMA said...

Your wrap is lovely. Know what you mean about adult size socks.
Your completely spot on with getting sucked in with the computer. I think I'll give computer free days a go, but not wednesdays, I get Yarn Along cold turkey!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful wrap! I would love to receive handknit socks for Christmas - someone on your giving list is very blessed. :)

I just came back to my blog after going unplugged for awhile. The break was lovely, but I am happy to be back.

Paula said...

I try to unplug. But not always so good at it. Those socks are making me want to take on a sock project. It would be a first, so must think about this carefully. ;)

nicole spring said...

Your bulletin board is inspiring me! I need to figure out this in between time rhythm while we are essentially in limbo waiting to move and homeschool.

The wrap looks so cozy and I look forward to seeing your holiday knits!

Thank you for linking up with KCCO!!

mummybear said...

Love your socks. My copy of Taproot arrived today too and the at I flicked through it I spotted that hoodie. can see it on the needles soon lol.