Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello again

fiona playing

caelan with a chicken

what we saw on our walk around tempe town lake

on the bridge (the blur is logan in mid jump)

building a boat with alleyway found materials

sheep at the state fair

walking the midway

at the animated ice age exhibit

eating cotton candy for the first time

wild rides


rainbow colors

some finished paintings

reading outside with a cup of cocoa

more painting

calk drawing in the front yard

our cat

mastering the scooter

at the pumpkin festival


big pumpkin


rowan's staged dramatic photo

our new pet "Bob" the betta fish
 After much drama we stopped computer usage for a good part of the month of October. The first few days there was a whole heck of a lot of drama (and not all by the kids if I am truly honest), but then things settled and we found a new groove. A lovely, happy luddite groove of books, and bikes, and scooters, and family adventures. We discovered a sweet little park just up the street that Mike would take the kids to in the evenings some days. We walked around Tempe Town Lake, went to the state fair, the pumpkin festival at the Desert Botanical Gardens. There was loads of book reading, I knitted like a wild woman, Rowan mastered his scooter fear and now rides that thing like a pro. Sagan and Logan's evening "bro time" actually involved them interacting with each other not staring at computer screens. Bedtimes became earlier and the kids actually got up around 8 am instead of 11 am. There were many complaints of boredom, but just as many new things to do discovered... it is amazing what happens when you turn off the computer. I am so glad we did.
Of course now it is back, BUT with some caveats. No late night iPod, computer only three days a week, and as much time outside as humanly possible.
*  I will be sharing my knits on the next Yarn Along day


the habit of being said...

i just love the bedhead that fiona is rocking in that first photo!

Marcy and Lee said...

Glad you're back!! We missed you xo