Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekending and Gratitude

I get a bit sad from Thanksgiving to New Year that we are not up to our armpits in snow, and then January 2nd hits and I am ever so grateful for our lovely, mild winters here in Arizona. 30's at night upper 60's during the day. Sunshine, parks, lovely breezes... perfection!

I am so grateful this week for:

~ Dear friends having some of my boys over to hang out over night and get serious "dude time"
~ Watching a silly comedy/horror movie with my honey late one night
~ Having a freezer full of crockpot meals waiting for us when the baby comes
~ Having a friend help me with a stitch that was making me nuts for three days
~ Lovely days at the park
~ Journey on the record player
~ Trader Joe's GF Joe Joe's
~ Slowly getting stuff together for our new little due in the next couple of weeks

This weekend was fabulous. I have been having such a good time with my main man, it seemed for so long we just were not connecting, but lately things have been going so smoothly. Maybe we are finally figuring each other out after 20+ years. haha Or maybe it is that we are both feeling good at the same time?? After a year of tag team yuckiness, it is nice that we both feel healthy, strong(ish), and happy. It makes the days run so much smoother. I have to admit I was happy that 2013 has gone, and I am so much looking forward to this year.
I try to find a word(s) for the year instead of a list of things I will probably forget about 2 months in. This year the word is HEALTH, both physical and emotional.

Joining Amanda from The Habit of Being and Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots.


Sara said...

Oh I would love some temperatures like that. We finally made it above zero, after many days of negative temps. Good luck with the new baby!

Tracey said...

I am still sitting here wishing for snow, I know that sounds bad, but I just can't help it.

You are going to have such a wonderful year. How exciting to be preparing for the birth of a new soul. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

sustainablemum said...

Wow only a few weeks to go :) I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your family.

Robbie said...

A new little one! What a wonderful 2014 will be for you and your family. Congratulations! Hope you have a calm and peaceful week!

the habit of being said...

health. yes. a good one for everyone.

Deb said...

Hope things continue to go well for you. Congrats on the baby arriving soon.