Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday... Putting my foot down

Lulu drinking from the hose

As fall begins to approach our schedule becomes more and more crowded  with classes, sports, playdates, park days, co-op, etc etc etc. I start feeling this tightness in my chest. The busyness of our lives seems overwhelming. There is not enough home time that I need to recharge. I love being out and about, but I also need to pull in and reset or I begin to fall apart. And the girlies, they need time to just be, to just play, not being shuttled around in the van for hours and hours. I need to find this balance. So, I'm putting my foot down, we have reached our max of things. Being on the go 4 out of the 5 weekdays with at least one thing is enough, that doesn't include weekend games, family visits, farmer's market. Goodness, maybe my foot needs to be put down firmer!
I don't think we can properly smell the roses, enjoy life, if we are running all over town. I need to be ok with not keeping up with everyone, saying no to just one more thing. Plus, if we are going to add one more thing, shouldn't it be a free time, running and playing at park? 
I guess my situation is different from a lot of my friends as I have lots of big kids and still 2 wee babes too. I can't forget that my big kids had home time, slow time, looking around and goofing off time. 
And honestly, it all has me on the phone more, and facebook more just trying to keep up. I want lazy days of knitting and watching the kids play. I want story books and drawing pictures, i want playing in the hose and naps. I need a house full of toddlers! haha

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Chrisknits said...

You heart and head are telling you life needs to slow down. Listen to it! I tried very hard to not over schedule my girls when they were younger. All it took was 1 Spring when my husband was working insane over time and I was driving between soccer and softball overlapping with both girl's. Sometimes 1 game would end and then I had to get someone to the practice field while getting the other to their game or practice. After that the rule was pick softball or soccer, but not both! One played soccer, the other softball. Much easier to transition between the two. All this to say, it's OK to back off on something. The time you spend with them is so valuable. Don't lose that opportunity.