Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Ostara celebration

It started with the coloring of the eggs, which I have to say is so much fun. The little ones had a lot of fun using paint brushes this year, it made for a much more pleasant experience, as they don't just have to sit there waiting for the egg dye to work. Plus, as you can see, the colors are just so fun. The next morning they got up early, ate chocolate and then we went for the egg hunt. It really is amazing here on our little 1/2 acre, so many places for the eggs to be hid, so much running about.
Right now you can see the buds on the trees, the bulbs are just waking up and you can just feel it, spring is here. So amazing to be celebrating this season, this time of rebirth, when you can really feel it. Nights are still cold, but we have had a few days where you don't even need a sweater, and I can hang the clothes on the lines. I just love spring.

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