Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On being a homemaker

Awhile ago on someone asked if people considered themselves Stay at Home Moms (SAHM) or homemakers. I was surprised to see so many found "homemaker" to be somewhat offensive. They said they were home to care for the kids and that was all. And their dear partner should not expect to be cared for in anyway and to hell with the house because that wasn't part of the deal. Now until I read that thread I would have thought I was just a SAHM, but you know I am more then just that. I really love being a homemaker. I mean maybe it does sound all 1950's suppressed woman, but really I take great pride in making where we live a home. Most of the time I enjoy making a nice dinner, I like my house to be clean and somewhat organized, I love doing things for my family, I love making where ever we are living into a home... which to me is totally different then a house. A home is where people want to be, it is a safe place with loving people who care for you. That is what I am making here. So no I am not a SAHM, but a homemaker and damn I am proud of that.

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