Monday, October 17, 2011

Belated Birthday Party

Although Sagan's actual birthday is in September we just hadn't had a chance to party hearty with the friends until today. What fun! One mama friend made punch, another brought cool cups, a table cloth for the kids to draw on and some awesome balloons, and we supplied the pinata and cupcakes. I decided to just have the kids decorate the cupcakes there at the park and I must say I think it was a hit, and I didn't have to mess with it at home! After much sugaring up the kids ran about and I got to chill just a bit under the trees and watch the sky and Fiona and chat with my friends. God, I feel so blessed. What a great community we have here. I swear that saying "it takes a village" is so true, it takes a village for the kids and the moms. I need this group as much as the kids do.
And yes, that is water spraying about during the pinata busting! Rowan thought it would be fun to have that running while the kids beat the darn thing to pieces. It made for some neat rainbows in the pictures, and I think it helped soften the pinata enough that it could eventually be broken in to. Haha.

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