Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday's sunset picnic

My hope is that this Sunday sunset walk at Tempe Town lake will become a regular thing. We had such a great time. The drive over was hilarious with me missing the exit and having to drive around in circles a couple times, and ended with me having some very strange reaction to something and having my eye balls (yes, the actual eye ball) swell up. All the stuff in between was fun and funny. Fiona LOVES hummus and helped herself with and without carrots. The boys ran about in the darkness with only the lights in their shoes to tell us where they were. And the lights, oh the lights. Pictures just do not capture the loveliness of all the lights around the lake and on the bridges. But you know what is so cool, is that we are together as a family and there are lots of other families with the same thing on their minds, strolling along next to the lake, eating in the grass and watching the lights and their kids come alive.

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