Saturday, November 10, 2012

Martinmas lanterns

I have been toying with celebrating some of the smaller holidays recently. I like the idea of celebrating stories of virtues and good deeds, things to inspire the children. Since I really had no idea what to do on Martinmas I went trolling around the internet and found a few fun ideas to do with the kids. We made lanterns from small mason jars, using this idea. The boys had a great time making lanterns, we talked about the story of Saint Martin and what the meaning is behind the lanterns. We have been planning a fun meal for Sunday (with this great sounding cake as a dessert) and we also talked about gathering some of our things we no longer need/want and donating them to needier families. The boys and I also talked about gathering food for the food bank over the next few weeks and making a donation all together.
Although we have done things like this in the past, I think I like the idea of a celebration that centers on charity, and finding your inner light; your inner divine self and going out into the world to do good with that light.

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