Monday, November 26, 2012

Our holiday weekend

my SIL's niece's wee babe

my new nephew

logan up a tree

rowan in my parent's back yard


getting ready to play shoeball

daddy and fiona napping

fiona walking on the foot bridge at tempe town lake

rowan inspecting the decorations

daddy getting the garland ready

our yule bunting we made last year

cae adding santa's to the santa collection

decorating the garland

decorating the gingerbread house

eating the gingerbread house decorations

more decorating

the stockings 

our "old man winter" i won last year in a give away

the completed gingerbread house

the christmas wish list

What a great 4 days off. It was so wonderful to have all the kids home again and everyone hanging out. That is one of the many blessing of a big family, so much going on, so many people, so much love.
We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house where we got a baby fix. My sister in law and her niece both had babies last month, so much baby love going on.
Friday Mike and I took the younger set for a sunset walk at Tempe Town Lake, which was so nice. Fiona walked most of it herself, and can I say she is just so dang cute.
Saturday was clean the house day AND decorate! Since we will be out of town at Christmas, we didn't get a tree, but we did set out all the Santa ornaments (because I do love Santa). We hung up the lighted garland and hung some of the ornaments my parents have given us over the years and we hung up the bunting we made last year. And of course the stockings went up. That is probably my favorite part, seeing all of those stockings hanging up, just a lovely reminder of all the children we have. Sagan made the chalkboard "Christmas Wishes" and I LOVE it. We have been adding to it each day as something tickles our fancy. Lots and lots of hopes for snow and sled rides. It is suppose to be snowy in Show Low that time of year AND it did snow on St. Martin's day there... so who knows.


Tracey said...

What a wonderful holiday you had! I have to agree with you, your Fiona is a doll, such a cutie.
I am glad to see we are not the only ones who decorate for Christmas in shorts ;)!
Are you back on Whole30 today? I really am loving this!

momto5 said...

@Tracey: yes i am! i do love it. i feel so much eating this way. (although i have to say i make one mean pecan pie. lol)

NoƩmie said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a lot of fun! wow, I see you with short sleeves t-shirt, it's so hot in your area?

momto5 said...

@Noemie: yes it is, well maybe not hot but stll warm. highs in the 70's lows in the 50's. we might get cooler as we get more into dec/jan... high in the low 60's. lol you know sweater weather. hahaha