Monday, March 2, 2015


Joining Pumpkin Sunrise for Weekending.

What even happened this weekend? It seemed to just fly by. That is how all the weekends feel lately, just crazy busy. Saturday was Cae's soccer game, we worked in the garden, and had Mike's mom over for the evening. We went to the neighborhood home tour and street fair on Sunday. Checked out local 'hood artists, listened to local music (awesome!), ate a lot of foodtruck food, and had a grand time. Then there is soccer in the park on Sunday with our friends and dinner.


erica s said...

we have crazy soccer saturdays at our house too... 3 out of 4 of us play and most of the games fall on the weekend. Luckily we get to slow down a bit the following day. Your weekend sounds lovely... hope you have a great week

karen said...

weekends do fly by quite quickly don't they? love that you have nice weather for soccer games and short sleeves!! That will be here soon I hope.