Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

do you see it? i think it looks like a phoenix
Feeling a bit like a Phoenix lately. Rising up from the ashes of my deep dark spot and coming out new and fresh. Feeling full of life and ready to take on challenges.
Is it the methylfolate I am now taking? Is it talking to a therapist? Is it just listening to my inner self? Who knows. And honestly, does it matter? I don't think life has changed much, but my out look sure has. I am feeling less like I want to crawl into a cave and more like a butterfly.
Many moons ago I watched the Secret with some friends. The movie really upset me, seemed a lot like white western privileged and victim blaming to me, and my view hasn't changed much... except one part. One of the speakers talks about viewing relationships with new eyes. If you are always looking for fault, you will find it; but if you are looking for the good, well it pops up all over the place. I think that is just good advice in general. If you are looking for misery it is there for you, but if you take the time and search out the good, well it is there too! And that is what I am trying to do. Take my attention and put it towards the things I wish to see, and stop looking for the sorrow, the pain, the hate. Opening up to the beauty in my life.... because it is so abundant!


erica s said...

I'm so glad your spirit is rising and that you are getting help that works for you. Have you listened to any of the Echart Tolle retreat talks (i know that you can find them free on you tube)... he is a great speaker for stilling the mind , finding peace, and being in the moment. He is funny too. Have a great weekend.xoxo

Suzy Mae said...

I am so glad that you are finding your joy again. I think our perspective does effect and influence so much. I agree with the post above. Echart Tolle is really good for helping me focus on making the most of the moment. xx