Monday, May 4, 2009

Beltane at the beach

Sunday we celebrated Beltane (also known as May Day) at Popham beach with the local Pagan group. It was great fun. They had a potluck, and raised three Maypoles. Just before the poles where put up, they did a nice ritual calling in the directions, sharing bread/food and asking gods and goddesses to come on by and join us. Sagan and Caelan really got into dancing the Maypole, Cae stayed till the very end and charmed everyone while he sort of went his own way around the pole.
After the Maypoles were wrapped, there was an inpromptu drumming and dancing session. Then because the wind picked up the party wrapped up a bit early. It was such a nice group and a wonderful way to spend Sunday.

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Amy Bradstreet said...

It never works out for us to get there, but someday!!! So glad you liked it, it does look fun. Belated Blessed Beltane!