Monday, May 4, 2009

Steeplebush Herb Farm part 2

OK these are all of the shop. It was so amazing in there, it smelled like heaven and there was lovely calming music playing. Besides all the herbs and herbal products were candles that she makes her self from beeswax from a local bee farmer that is near her.
I can only imagine the joy of living on that farm, growning wonderful things, raising animals and spending your days making teas, salves, and herb rubs (the Herbes de Provence is to die for; I have used it in quiches, on chicken, in soup, and in bread). She is doing a wedding in the fall and is supplying al the dry flowers, she needs so many that she is expanding her flower beds. Can you imagine?


suzanne said...


I am busy blog browsing tonight and oh my, that herb shop....that is my kind of little farm too. I could spend hours looking in there. I have also been reading your fun 'May pole' celebration. what a lovely celebration.

Its been wonderful visiting

Warm regards

Amy Bradstreet said...

Ahh. I'm sorry we missed the farm but not sorry as we really needed that day after camping with the Knapps. It's looks like a lovely farm to visit.