Monday, May 4, 2009

Steeplebush Herb Farm Tour part 1

Today (Monday) we went with some other homeschooling families to Steeplebush Herb Farm. It is my idea of a dream farm. They raise sheep (which is why we went this early... they have lambs) and have a wonderful herb and flower garden. The shop that is on the farm grounds so amazingly wonderful, I was looking forward to that, just being inside is magical.
The kids loved feeding the lambs and petting and feeding the llama. They also got to feel raw wool, just sheered that weekend and still all full of lanolin. They ran wild around the farm hiding in the barn, running thru the green house and all over and around the fields and by the house. I would say it was a hit. I am really looking forward to going their next month to see the garden in all its glory.

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