Tuesday, December 27, 2011


building a farm

crafting peg people

fairy hunting box made by papa jim

new easel 

loving the new art area

fiona with her new cup and bowls

decorating cookies on yule

playing one of the 6 new games we got this year

yule log fire

hanging with big sister


discussing food with fiona

hoop circus

cae hooping

the circus finale 

sidewalk chalk

playing with the fake snow

more fake snow

christmas eve party

the ipods have taken over!

snack time

my beautiful audrey

Oh what fun the last week has been. I was wondering if I should do multiple posts, but then I decided that maybe just picking the things we all did together would be best. I have to say having all my people home and spending time together has been the best gift I could ever get for yule.
It seems as if time is just speeding ahead and if we don't stop for just a moment and spend time together the years will have passed and there will be just an empty house. I know our life isn't for many people, how we choose to live it, having a whole mess of kids and homeschooling on top of that. But it is so, so worth it to me, every moment I get with these amazing people (the good and the bad) is well, you know I can't even explain it well enough for it to make any sense what so ever. I love these people, but you know what, I like them too. I like being with them, talking to them, reading books, doing crafts, watching movies, eating, playing, etc.
I hope everyone, no matter how they choose to live, are just as happy, blessed and full of love as we are.

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Alica McKenna Johnson said...

What a wonderful Yule! Congrats on the Nook- have you checked out the free books you can download? There are tons on line.