Monday, January 7, 2013


Joining Amanda from The Habit of Being for weekending.

a dress of Audrey's we found that now fits fiona.

I feel like this weekend passed in a wild busy blur. A good part of Saturday I spent taking my Mother in Law to her many shopping destinations, which is fun, yet exhausting. I am not a big shopper. And hitting four shops, one of which is Costco can leave a person pooped out. While I was out with MIL, Mike and the kids invented a new game called "Nutball" because to play it you must be a little nuts, plus the rules are all nutty as well. You hit a waffle ball with a small wooden dowel, run and jump into an empty kiddy pool (first base), the swing on a rope into a hola hoop (2nd base), at third base you must draw a picture on the chalk board that consists of at least three lines (unless you are 5 or under and then it can be just one line), and touch homeplate with out being tagged with the ball... which must be held in two hands behind your back. there are no teams, just everyone takes a turn at bat. Very fun to play, funner to watch. Sunday was all about cleaning the house. Bathrooms cleaned, 5 loads of laundry done, floors mopped, swept and vacuumed, rooms tidy, stuff put away. And some how with all that going on Mike and I got two hours to go out to lunch using a gift card Mike got from a co-worker. Those couple hours are really a recharge, so nice. Then Sunday evening we loaded up all Audrey's stuff and Mike took her back to the dorms. And here we are Monday morning, the start of another week. Here is to another awesome bunch of days.


karen said...

That's my kind of ball game! I like games that are a little nutty :) Great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

lunch out with your guy sounds great!

Tracey said...

I think nutball would go big around here!
It's nice that you had a couple of hours to spend with your soulmate, so needed for a marriage.

sustainablemum said...

That games sounds great fun to play or watch!

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, well, except the shopping, not my idea of fun either :) Have a great week!