Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter sky

I decided that the kids and I should take a daily walk around the neighborhood. I took the camera along because the sky was just so amazing today. I have to admit I have been very inspired as of late with all the amazingly beautiful photographs I see on my favorite blogs. So many very talented people out there taking stunning photos. 
It was a lovely walk. It was nice to get out, we have had three days of rain here, which is pretty rare. The air was so clean and crisp, the temperature was in the low 50's and there was a nice cold breeze. It felt like winter again. We listened for birds, watched the clouds, talked about the garden, and balanced on low walls. It was very, very nice.


Tracey said...

Thanks for the sky pictures, I Love sky pictures, they always help me remember more about the day.
And Miss Fiona is one lady with a lot of style, adorable.

karen said...

Oh I wish we had bright skies today! I love her little outfit it matches the cheery day!