Saturday, June 1, 2013

Funny things my children say...

We have all been there, having a rough day, a day where you just might be tempted to give the children to the next band of wandering gypsies, possibly to the next traveling circus. And then it happens, they are saved by the very fact that they can say the darnedest things, and when you think about those things, no matter how maddening the day has been, no matter how you have wanted to run screaming from the house with your hair clutched in your hands, you stop and you laugh until tears run down your face.
The funniest things my children have said recently are:
Rowan: "In the backen days, when people pooped their pants." You know those days, the waaaaay back days when everyone pooed on themselves.
Audrey: "I am so done with sloths." The animal, not lazy people. How can you be done with sloths? I don't know, but every time I think about it I start laughing.
Logan: "Shaving a hair cut to bits." This is what Logan thought the "Shave and a hair cut" song actually said.
Fiona: "You be the mama."

This guy, this Fisher Price Robin Hood guy... this is the mama. Makes me wonder, do I need to wax more often? 

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Mama Gone Green said...

love it, especially the pants pooping one. ha!