Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekending and Grartitude

Joining Amanda from the Habit of Being for weekending and Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday.

It has been a wet and cold weekend here in Arizona (well cold for us anyway). We turned on the heater because we are a bit wimpy and had a fire in the fireplace. The sky has been overcast for days now, since Thrusday, and I am just not good with days and days of no sun. How we lived in Maine for almost 2 years I will never know.
I foolishly ventured out to a mall to find this mineral shop to by each of the kids a cool stone for the first Sunday of Advent... good night! No wonder I don't "do" the mall any longer. It is crazy there, and a bit traumatizing. I think the rest of the holiday shopping will be done either on-line or at local shops. Sis and D came over for dinner Saturday evening and there was lots of music played.
This morning all the kids slept in until well past 8 AM and that gave me a bit of time to myself that wasn't in the middle of the night. Mike and Cae made eggnog pancakes and bacon for breakfast. And there are no real plans for the day... so maybe it will be cuddling up with a fire, a sappy Christmas movie, and some knitting on the baby's rainbow blanket.

List of Gratitudes:

~ Eggnog
~ firewood
~ a wet weekend
~ feeling the wee baby move everyday
~ finding lovely rocks at the mineral shop
~ the living room cluttered with toys
~ listening to Caelan singing George Strait songs
~ the laundry being done AND folded
~ breakfast made by someone other than me
~ having a kitchen full of food


Hege said...

I wish my kids would sleep past 8... Seems like they are getting up earlier in the weekends than on school days ;)

sustainablemum said...

Hurrah for clean laundry and I am with you on busy shops hate them too. Have a lovely week :)

Danielle said...

Thanks for visiting me, and hmm, eggnog. Yes, I think I should get some very soon!

Tracey said...

My Mike would love eggnog pancakes, he drinks the stuff by the gallons when the holiday's arrive.
I don't do the mall either, it's too scary there.