Sunday, December 1, 2013

* Gratitude Sunday * and Weekending

Joining Amanda from The Habit of Being for Weekending and Taryn from Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday. Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slowdown, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes...

~ A wonderful post Thanksgiving meal of gratitude with dear friends
~ Feeling better after a somewhat longish sickness (well it felt long anyway)
~ Cold mornings and warm afternoons
~ Finally finding a good book to sink my teeth into
~ Getting my Quince and Company yarn on Saturday
~ The new Taproot calendar
~ Fires in the fireplace
~ Roasted lamb shoulder
~ Hugs from my Fiona Rosy
~ Cuties
~ Christmas lights showing up around the neighborhood
~ Staying up late enough to watch a movie with my honey

This weekend was wonderful, even though both Mike and I were sick. We were suppose to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Thursday, but since this cold was all in the chest we decided to NOT take it to my parents house and infect everyone there. Instead we had an impromptu dinner just the kids and us. And I had a realization... my kids don't really care for most of the traditional Thanksgiving fair. It was somewhat laughable when I thought about it, this huge dinner and no one really cared for the food. I decided from now on that we should just all pick a dish we love and I will whip it all up for Thanksgiving and Yule.
I have also been pondering the whole gratitude concept, what exactly it means to me and how I go about living it and breathing it. I do play a lot of lip service to being grateful, I try and be grateful... but I tend to stumble a lot along the way. I get so caught up in what "should be" and how I "could behave" or what everyone else is doing that I sort of forget my gratitude, or it is superficial gratitudes. Anyway, a lot for me to chew on and work through.
Friday was spent cleaning, and doing the laundry. And I must say that having my oldest son and my dear man home made the whole process so much nicer. Mike and I even got to watch a movie Friday night all cuddled in bed. Pretty amazing considering I can not actually remember when we last watched a movie together.
Saturday we had friends over for a post Thanksgiving feast of amazingness. Kids running around leaving doors open, actual adult conversation, great food. It was wonderful. And something I wish to repeat again and again.
And that lands us here, Sunday. What to do? Hang up lights around the house, do more laundry (is it ever done??), start knitting a sweater, and getting things already for the first night of Advent.


Kellie said...

Lovely list! ~Kellie

sustainablemum said...

Lovely list, sounds like you had a great weekend, despite illness hope you are all better soon. Love your picture of a jamming session :)

Tracey said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Quince & Co. yarn? Oh, what did you get? I do adore them.

I don't much care for Thanksgiving foods either, but my crew does. Me? I love a really good salad with lots of goodies. But I do love a good slice of pie ;)

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. I agree stick with something everyone likes, who cares if it is not the traditional meal we have come to know :)

the habit of being said...

hugs and fires and togetherness sound perfect!