Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

I have been reading quite a few blogs recently that dis on the holiday season. It is too material (I get that), they don't buy into the consumer culture, it shouldn't be about the gifts. I totally understand this... and yet:
I freaking LOVE the sneaky gift buying, knowing my people enough to buy them just the right thing (and not 1000 little pieces of junk, but real treasures), I love the lights and gaudy decorations, the wackier the yard, the more I love it. Got one of those horrifying inflatable snowglobes with snoopy in it? FABULOUS! 10,000 imported Italian twinkling lights? Plug those bad boys in... ALL OF THEM!
And the movies. I love a good ABC family sappy Christmas movie. Christmas Kiss, Dear Santa, 12 Dates of Christmas, Snowglobe. Good lord I love them all. And the food, peppermint bark, fudge, dates stuffed with cream cheese, sugar cookies decorated by my kids, gingerbread with caramel sauce, hot cocoa, eggnog, turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, brussel sprouts with bacon and leeks, Mexican wedding cookies (AKA: snowball cookies). And none of it is diet, sugar free or paleo.
I love the ribbons and bows and lovely paper. And the books: The Mitten, The Hat, The Night Before Christmas, The story of the Snow Children, Wild Christmas Reindeer, etc etc
I just can't hate it, as much as I try to be "better" than this, to be all superior, I just can't. I love it all and I am so happy to celebrate it with my kids, the joy, the goodies, the gifts, the walks to look at the lights, the day trips to the snow, the tree in the house, and the Amaryllis on the piano, the crazily decorated wreath on the door, watching Frosty the Snowman about 1000 times.
So there you go, my confession. I am a Christmas junky.


debby emadian said...

Enjoy it all...all the razzle dazzle and sparkle. I'm going to if I can.

sustainablemum said...

The celebrating is what it should be about not all the mad present buying of stuff we don't need. I agree about buying that perfect unexpected present and seeing the face of the recipient when they open it, it makes my day and theirs. We should all be free to celebrate how we want and do it our way shouldn't we, and not feel under pressure to do it one particular way as that is what is 'right'.

steph said...

if it wasn't for 'panic buying' (you know, buying just to buy SOMETHING!! which I see so many friends do---I simply can't do it)…….and the media push to buy buy buy…..but!…..

I think I love the season for all the reasons you listed…I love being a Christian junkie, too!