Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Gratitude

first rain in 71 days

stormy skies. we got an inch of rain on saturday

flower petals

massive laundry pile (it is clean i swear)

Nuala turned three weeks old on friday

Fiona sleeping with her snack bowl
I have been meaning to blog more, but somehow the days just get away from me. Plus, I am honestly too lazy to down load all the pictures. I really haven't been doing much but nursing Nuala and watch Warehouse 13 on Netflix. I am feeling a bit more in the swing of life now, three weeks of chillin' was good for me. And I must say if you can, get your placenta turned into pills and take those. I have been feeling about 100 times better after Nuala's birth because of those magic pills.
This Saturday was spent cozy inside for the most part. The temps were in the low 60's and we had RAIN. Glorious, wonderful rain. It had been 71 days since our last drop of moisture. The kids went out in the rain just about every time the sky opened up with a burst of rain. I had extra laundry to do, but totally worth it.
Today, Sunday, shall be spent planning some fun stuff to do on the schooling front, and maybe a bit of sock knitting. I promised Fiona another pair of socks weeks ago.


~ A wonderful chicken dinner brought to us by a dear friend
~ Spending another week hanging out at home
~ Watching "The Croods" with Fiona every single day
~ Eggs
~ Rain, Rain, Rain
~ banana smoothies
~ Chocolate
~ Iced coffee
~ Afternoon naps with my wee sweet Nuala
~ Archery class
~ Surprise checks in the mail
~ Floor puzzles


Leigh Miller said...

Afternoon naps with a wee one, they are special! I remember those naps very well. Have a lovely day.

the habit of being said...

I know that rain was much needed! And those flower petals -- love the riot of color.

Jenna Michelle Pink said...

haha your laundry pile made me giggle as it reminds me of my own.

My dad bought us a beautiful wooden cot when we had Eli. It was very pricey and i urged him not to because of this but I loved it and he insisted.

Well it has become a very expensive laundry basket since we started bedsharing. I sorted it out earlier. It was absolutely full to the brim with clothes. I am so bad at keeping on top of it all.

Tracey said...

Oh I know you loved the rain, that is a long time to go without it.
Babymooning, just enjoy every minute of it.

sustainablemum said...

Wonderful pictures, wonderful list, wonderful life.

You are in a wonderful place at the moment, mama, long may it last!


Robbie Parker said...

Love that she sleeps with her snack bowl! Precious. What a wonderful place to be in ....glad you are soaking up every second with your newest. Have a wonderful week.