Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend and Gratitude

nuala 6 weeks old

This has been such an amazing weekend. Blue skies, sunshine, lovely breezes. Errands run with the wee babe on Saturday turned out wonderfully. Happy people, surprises purchased, and someone bought my coffee at Starbucks. How awesome is that?? The day ended with a wonderful BBQ and dinner out on the back patio watching the sunset.
Sunday we got up early-ish, picked up bagels and headed to the lake for a walk.

I am grateful for:

~ A tidy back yard
~ BBQ and eating outside
~ Dear friends visiting
~ Cae and Row and all their drawings and stories
~ Sagan discovering a love of math
~ Texting
~ Sweet little Nuala
~ Hugs from my kids
~ Saying YES
~ A full pantry, fridge, and feezer
~ Yogurt

cae and row drawing


sustainablemum said...

Wonderful list :)

Your little one is gorgeous

Tracey said...

I can't believe the little peanut is already 6 weeks old!

While I love yogurt and friends visiting along with many other things on your list, I am still trying to discover the love for math, there really is such a thing? ;)

Leigh Miller said...

Your little Nuala is beautiful :). I enjoyed reading your list today. Have a lovely week!

Summer Rogers said...

Your little one is so precious! Good to see you had a lovely weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week!

the habit of being said...

six weeks, already? what a precious little bit she is. sounds like a lovely weekend!

Jenna Michelle Pink said...

Such a lovely list. Such a precious little baba :-)

verdemama said...

Beautiful gratitudes! I especially like saying YES!!!

softearthart said...

Wonderful, cheers Marie