Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Crafting and reading

I have been wanting to make Fiona another Oliver and S simple skirt for weeks and weeks now. They literally take no time, maybe an hour and a half (and that is because I am so slow), and in the end you are rewarded with clothing! I can't remember what the fabric is, I know I won it on a blog give away awhile ago. It is a jersey cotton and just so soft. Fiona loves the skirt, and so do I.

I finished up Fiona's socks, the ones that will match Nuala's leg warmers... but I have no photo of them. I started on a wrap that I have plans to send to one of my cousins in Oregon. It is in the yarn I had planned on using for Audrey's Shalom sweater this past winter. But I just didn't like how it was turning out. Plus I have to be honest... we live in Arizona we really don't need wool sweaters, but my cousin could probably use a nice wool wrap. I am using Quince and Company "Puffin" in glacier. I am not a huge fan of this yarn, maybe other Quince and company yarn is super fabulous but I have not been very impressed, considering how everyone raves about their stuff. Maybe it is just the Puffin yarn.
I am trying to read "Angela's Ashes", but between doing my reading for my studies and just life the books seem to take a backseat. So far it is good, and I promised Audrey I would read it, so I shall.

Joining Ginny and Nicole


Heather said...

I love that skirt and the yarn is a lovely color!

Tracey said...

Ha, it took me all day to make one skirt, but I did it and I'm wearing it!

I haven't used puffin yarn, but tern really is quite lovely.

sustainablemum said...

That skirt is lovely!

I know what you mean about some yarns, they are not right for some projects I hope this is the right project for this yarn :)

Sarah said...

Oh my, that skirt is adorable and I am going to bookmark that pattern for later, since my girls are going to need some cute skirts to play in this summer!

karen said...

I recall someone else not enjoying their yarn. I've knit with tern and finch and loved them immensely-the twist is springy and lovely :)I think you made your skirt pretty fast!

Karen Sue said...

cute skirt. It is fun to wear something you made. Great yarn makes you feel different when you knit. I did some fingerless gloves for my son out of something stiff. not fun

laura@sewknitgrow said...

The lark and chickadee are great as well. I have used the puffin and I is not as soft as their other yarns that I've used.
Now the skirt...adorable. We are in spring skirt sewing at our house too. If you are interested I have some free skirt sewing tutorials at