Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

Joining Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots for Gratitude Sunday. Sunday's heartfelt tradition. A time to slow down, to reflect, to be grateful. A list of gratitudes.

~ Sitting out in the front yard with Miss Fiona Rosy watching the mocking birds flit about and chase the cat
~ My dear wonderful hubby for finding "Better Off Dead" for me at the store and giving it to me for our 23rd wedding anniversary
~ for Friday. It was so lovely, peaceful, wonderful.
~ Finding a new farmer's market really close to us
~ wild flowers I picked up at the farmer's market
~ Mike and the boys working on another movie together
~ hanging the wash on the line
~ a cleaned out fridge and freezer
~ paying off the car, the HUGE medical bill, and a credit card!
~ Mike deciding to go back to school to get his EdD


Akannie said...

We have a lot of mockingbirds to watch them and the barn swallows tease the cats. Your babies are gorgeous...

Looked at your profile--we read the same books it seems. Have you read Barbara's newest (I think) one, Flight Behavior ??

Micheal Pollan has a new one out too, I think, called Cooked. Haven't read it yet though, just some excerpts. I'm old and retired now...with more time to read than ever! lol

Tracey said...

You had a such a great week!
Happy anniversary!
Don't you just feel a huge weight lifted when a big bill is paid off? I'm so happy for you. I am working hard at paying off my home, almost there.
Have a great week ahead.

TC Harris said...

I LOVED Better Off Dead. How wonderful of your husband to buy it for you.

sustainablemum said...

Wow, 23 years that's wonderful. You have had a great week, paying off bills and a lovely book as a present.

Hope you have a good week this week too!

karen said...

congrats on paying off big stuff! I love that feeling and accomplishment. Hanging wash outside sounds so summery :)

Robbie Parker said...

Congratulations on 23 years and the big pay offs! Both are truly amazing accomplishments. Have a wonderful week.