Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Midweek musings

cae and fiona throwing flowers

more flower throwing




fiona monster

I meant to have a photo of my knitting, but some how this week I just never took a picture of it. Still working on Fiona's socks, almost done with sock number 2. Discovered that Nuala doesn't like me to eat gluten, so I have been doing without... which is probably for the best, still I miss cake and cookies. I am a sucker for the sweetness.
My oldest son turned 16 on Sunday. 16!? That boy who fills me up, knocks me over, and just blows me away. The universe has great plans for him, I think. He is truly something else. We went to a school function on Saturday and watched him and a friend play guitars, most amazing.
I feel as if most of my time is spent sitting, nursing and just being. It gives me time to think, a lot of time to think. What is it I want, what do I see happening here in this life of mine, what plans do I wish to make? I don't have the answers yet, but that is ok, there is so much time to roll it over in my mind.


Deb said...

Midweek greetings from the East Valley. I love your pictures. Your baby is so sweet. My youngest will turn 18 in June, but I still remember those wonder days of sitting in the recliner and nursing him...such sweet memories. Have a good week and enjoy this lovely Arizona spring!

Tracey said...

I like the idea of throwing flowers around, it sounds nice.

Happy birthday to your son. My youngest is 16, it's a great age I think. The world is going to be filled with some awesome adults in a few years!