Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Joining Frontier Dreams for keep calm craft on!

This past weekend I went skirt making crazy. I made Nuala, Fiona, and myself skirts! Yes, I made one for me!! I just need to get around to photographing it. I think it looks pretty good. I love the fabric I used for Fiona's skirt, I wish I remembered what it was called, I do know I got it through Fabricworm. I used the Lazy Day Skirt pattern for all three, which I have DOWN! I can whip on of those skirts out in about 45 minutes! I love it!


Evelyn Hender said...

Pretty skirt :) And wow at 45 minutes :-o

Carlin said...

Cute! I love that pattern, such a relaxing sew. Have a great week.

Lucy Bowen said...

Lovely pattern and so speedy!