Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

We hear it all the time, "they grow so fast". And I know (boy do I know), that some days we just don't want to relish each moment. There are times we probably won't miss (like when your kids are fighting over bionical leg joints for the 10th time during the day). Even knowing all of this, I still say it to parents, I still say "Cherish these moments, they grow so fast". Because it is true. In a few months my oldest will be 21. My baby, although still a baby, is so busy so much becoming a "big girl". I wish sometimes there was some sort of way to just slow down each day, or parts of each day. Maybe the mornings when everyone is fresh and bright and the day holds joy and hope for awesomeness. Those times when the kids slowly rise and walk burly eyed into the living room, one at a time. So there is time for me to snuggle with each one, to give them a smooch and a hug and chat about their dreams.
I wish we had more of these moments, but the busyness of life sweeps them away. Sometimes it seems the messiness of life overshadows those precious moments of connection. I need to focus more energy on those moments and less on the dishes or the laundry (which really there is no end too).

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

I wish your wish too Heather. Our babies grow too fast and then they are out the door.