Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thoughts on a Thursday

After some serious thought I think maybe, I need to go off line for a bit. Just to refocus. Not that I am on a lot, but enough to cause me to be seriously frustrated with people and life in general. I forget how blessed I am, how awesome and amazing my life is because I am stewing over some silly thing I read on facebook or feeling as if I need to prove something to someone about one thing or another. It is causing me unnecessary angst. I want to be IN my life fully not circling around the outer edge trying to peek in and see the messiness and "issues". Because my life is good, my family is great, and I need to be IN IT!


Megan Quinsee said...

I recently deleted Facebook for this reason. My life improved 10 fold! I no longer have to be a part of "that" life, and I am suddenly free to be me. Try it!

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

Take care!
I took a FB break last winter and it was amazing. When I came back, I cleaned up my feed, hid people who only posted for shock value or always wanting to argue.

Did the same thing with the blogs I read. If there's a part of my life that isn't adding value and making me happy, I let it go. Life is too short.

Enjoy your time away!

sayukta saxena said...

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RETA said...

Beautiful thoughts. I am not on FB or any other social network and my life is wonderful!
I wish you well.