Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday: Taking back the words

There are words out there that have been taken. They no longer hold the same meaning they once did. Words like "natural" or "green" or even "organic" all words that have been taken and tainted. You don't really trust a package that says it is "all natural" any more. Because really, in most cases it isn't.

Another word has been tainted for me, taken from me. Sacred. It use to mean something magical, beautiful, special, holy. Now it is just a tag line. A word that is over used and sold by the pound. I can't let that word be taken completely from me. So I have cut myself off from that source, I am allowing myself to use that word again, to feel it deep inside me. I do not need someone else to tell what is sacred, or how to honor the sacredness with in my life. They do not know what my life is and I must stop depending on others to give me what is sacred in their life. I am taking back sacred, my definition of it, my  moments, my holy.

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Suzy Mae said...

I agree with you. There is a lot of noise around certain words. They hook people in. Sadly, genuine intention is not always the motivation for their use. It is hard to keep things holy in this world. Thank you for this post. It echoes my heart.xx