Wednesday, June 13, 2012


some trueness from on-line
My last post was a bit depressing, I think. I was in one of those spots, those sort of pitty party spots.
A friend on FB asked: are we suppose to be in a constant state of bliss? Are we suppose to love everyone? Is it "all good"? That really got me thinking today. Are we suppose to be happy all the time? I think it was a Buddhist saying: Even the happiest man on Earth isn't happy all the time. It really is a sort of Buddhist thought really. I mean if you cling to happiness you will never be truly happy because like all things it changes, and comes and goes. SO if you think you need to be happy every single minute then you are just going to suffer. BUT, I do think we all want to be happy. I think everyone just has different things that make them happy. For some it is money and things, for some it is people and community, for others in is nature and solitude, and it can be a combo of all of these things or completely different list of things. What works for you isn't necessarily going to work for me, and vise versa.

 Are we suppose to love everyone? Is that even possible or realistic? That is hard to say. I don't truly know of anyone that I hate. But then my life hasn't been rife with strife either. I don't know what it is like to have to forgive someone of a horrible act. I would think that it would help to forgive, maybe not love them, but then I don't know for sure. And it would be different for all people.

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As for blissfulness, well you know, I guess that too all depends on you. It is pretty easy to be unhappy, and find nothing good in the world. It takes work and focus to find gratitude, bliss, and love in the world. But, I think it is worth it. We know for sure we have this one life, and to focus solely on the bad, ugly, hateful stuff can take away from this little bit of time that we have here. Life is so amazing. There is this fake Buddhist quote that works even if Buddha himself never actually said it: "When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky". I have spent too much time sitting in unhappiness, anger, resentment, depression, and anxiety to want to spend even another day feeling that crappy. I am not perfect, I have bad days (the other day was an example), but I try everyday to do better, to be better. To look around me and see how wonderful my life is, to experience the gratitude, and to take time to be blissful. Life is what it is, it is up to us to make something of it. YOU choose what is working, what to let go of, how to face each day, whether you will look through eyes of gratitude and love, whether you will follow your bliss. I am working on it every day, and I feel better for it; happier, more full of love, gratitude, peace and calm. (Again not every day, but most days.)
I think that my anxiety is actually a blessing, because my fear lies in my death, it is so important for me to be present and find happiness in each and everyday... as much as I can. Because I don't know when it will be my last day. So each and every day becomes a blessing. Each day is a day to express my gratitude, happiness, love and contentment.

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