Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiona Rosie

Oh my goodness, this sweet little baby girl of ours. She is just growing up way too fast. All of a sudden too. One day she is laying around the house and now she is all movement and talking and giggles. She loves to pick out her own clothes and demands a bath after dinner every night. She is very found of the old 1970's Fisher-Price "Little People" that we have had for about a million years, and she loves any book with a picture of a cat in it.
When you are not paying attention to her, she will run her silly run over to the sofa, climb up and do "down dog" and say "us-side don". She has also developed a fierce love for an old baby doll that use to belong to Audrey. She calls her "bee" (which I actually think she is trying to say 'baby' but can't seem to get the whole word out) and pushes her around in a baby stroller we picked up at a yard sale for a dollar. She is just so sweet with this doll. She points to Bee's feet and says "Bee feets" it makes me want to laugh and cry. Soon all her funny little ways of saying things will disappear, her wild swinging arm when she runs will stop... but for now, man, I am going to wallow in it.

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