Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

The boys, Fiona and I went to the Tempe History museum for a fun filled Wednesday afternoon of sister city fun. Every Wednesday this summer the museum is free and full of interesting things to do and other cultures to learn about. And as a plus the museum itself is just fun. The boys loved playing on the motorcycle and in the "farm" area with all the other children. It was a bit crazy at times, one child was a "mad dog" and growled at everyone viciously and barked like crazy, the kids thought it was hilarious!

tempe's first firetruck

police motorcycle


making unicorns

more unicorns

the vegetable play area

motorcycle goofiness

look at her face! hilarious

 Thursday evening went went to the Desert Botanical Gardens flashlight walk. I have to say that was the quickest 2 hours ever! It could so easily be another hour or two longer, but I guess the people who work there want to get home at some point. It wasn't too hot even, maybe in the low 90's, which made it really a nice to be out and about. I wish I had a better camera to capture some of the amazing city lights we saw from up on the hill. All around the garden were docents who were just full of information about desert plants. I have to admit the two guys buy the agave table were so much fun to talk to. They even had a wee little bottle of tequila!

those wild desert plant

the amazing agave plant

oh no! a rattlesnake!

coloring snakes

 Friday we were up early-ish to hit the pool. I have to say, that this is probably the best dang public pool EVER! A nice shady place to sit and eat, a wonderful zero entry kid pool with all sorts of fountainy goodness and a nice deep pool for swimming and diving, along with water slides! The best part? It is NEVER crowded. Which is honestly shocking, the pool is so great, and hardly anyone is there. We he had a great time and only got a little bit sunburned. :)

chips pool side

swimming in the deep end

so much fun

eating cookies and chatting

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