Friday, June 22, 2012

Cleaning "house" otherwise known as downsizing

Today I permanently deleted my Facebook account, and downsized the blogs I read list, deleted 2 blogs I have worked on and might even delete another one as well. As I was going about deleting I actually started crying. It was relief I think. I have been finding myself overwhelmed with my internet "life", feeling uninspired, sad, and lacking. Lacking? Yes, lacking realness, connection of the face to face kind. Facebook is just not the same as real people, and blogs can be inspiring as well as making you feel a bit like crap.
This last week I have limited my computer time and I have been reading, trying to knit something (although honestly I keep having to frog the darn thing), and trying to get out every day with the kids, get out into the real world and see real people and just... you know, connect. It has felt wonderful.
I will also be downsizing in the real world as well. We are boxing up and storing toys, clothing, games, and books. We are going to see how it is to live with less. And maybe this fall we will have a yard sale and let all those goodies go, move on to the next home where someone can love on them.
I finished reading "No Impact Man" for the second time. It is such an inspiring book to me. A small family going "off the grid" so to speak in New York City. I have to say the book is about 100 times better then the movie/documentary. Colin is so insightful and honest, and well I got Mike to start reading it and Sis and Logan are also going to read it this summer (I picked up another copy of the book at the library... I am serious about this!) There could be some serious downsizing going on at the Hawkes nest.
Which is another thing I will be doing, depending on the reaction of the other readers of the book, this blog maybe be taking a bit of a turn from documenting just daily life stuff to following this BIG family decrease its sizable carbon foot-print. At this time, doing what we do, our foot print is over 4 planets. Lots of room for improvement. If you want to check your own footprint this site is pretty good: My footprint . I have this other great book "The Low Carbon-Diet" which is full of great ways to decrease your carbon footprint in as little as 30 days.
I have been on the "No Impact Man" blog reading some older posts. Which is both inspiring and insightful. It is interesting to read the comment section, people really get angry when someone steps out of the "mainstream" way of life and thinking and just forges ahead trying something new, new to them or new to everyone. Yes, he did go to extremes, but sometimes you have to do that. You have to push yourself to see what you can do. There is a great sort of "how to" list of things to try out no impact living for a week. We did it for a week while we lived in Maine, and I am thinking maybe we will give it another go here, but pushing it for longer than a week... maybe for months. We will see, I have a crew to get on board with it all.
on-line photo for earth day 2011

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Heather aka Proud Mama said...

Our impact is over 4 too. If you break that down by number of people, you are doing quite well. Breathe deep, my friend. I find so many things pull us from our true intentions. Sometimes we need the quiet to hear what we really want our lives to be.